Integrate your epic life through music and breath.

We amplify spiritual coaches' & driven entrepreneurs' gifts with breath-work & music therapy.

Welcome to InFLAUX!

Transformation is uncomfortable and the time to integrate change as fast as it is occurring is Now.

So, the InFLAUX community was founded to guide spiritual coaches and high performing entrepreneurs from all around the world to create flow while in flux, become harmonious within and set themselves apart as leaders.

This allows you to form deeper connections with yourself, clients, community and loved ones, and level up in life no matter what is occurring in the outside world.

"It’s been awesome to see the power breath has on our reality and how we show up in all aspects of life." -Jason Weisner, InFLAUX graduate of the Level 1 Immersion.

The InFLAUX community is a dive into:

  • Breath-work principles
  • Flow state modalities
  • Belief-work
  • Basics of music science
  • Enhancing psychedelic integration
  • Expanding consciousness
  • Amplifying one's essence and gifts
  • And so much more.

Think of this community as the warmth of a campfire.

You'll be "sitting around the campfire" riding the waves of epic conversations and connecting with a tribe of like-minded individuals, while also learning and experiencing breath-work and music like you never have before.

Sounds epic, right?

Come on over, friend.

There's a place at our fire just for you and we're excited to have you join us.

What makes InFLAUX different than other communities?

Here's what members of the tribe have to say:

"The uniqueness of the people, the type of breath-work, the integration with music and the unreasonable amount of possibility that one can unlock if they change their thinking and perspective."-Aris Triganidas, InFLAUX graduate of the Level 1 Immersion.

"The things that exceeded my expectations though were the shifts that occurred as a result of the breath-work education. I’ve uncovered previously hidden past traumas and conditioning, I’ve worked through them using breath and am now living a happier more fulfilled life."-Jordan Stubbs, InFLAUX graduate of the Level 1 Immersion.

What to expect when you join the tribe:

  • participation in roundtable discussions
  • guided breath-work journeys facilitated by InFLAUX instructors and students
  • deep dives into the meaning of music
  • having your own epic experience of being a part of a tribe that is safe and supportive towards your journey of growth and expansion.

"Let the hummingbird come teach us song.

Drinking of the nectar palm to palm
Allies come to fill our well
Meaningul music keeps me filled
Into the world we coem to play
And so we say
Hello Friend
Hello Friend
Hello Friend"

"Uncle Jo" by Trevor Hall feat. Nahko

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